I called Poison Control, My story. By Kathy C.

Prof. Microbe,
Let me begin by saying that I am a bit of a “cleaning” freak! I will look for things to clean and “clean” is never clean enough!!


A few years ago, I thought I read somewhere that if you use toilet bowl cleaner and bleach on tub grout, it would clean really well. So, I outlined all the grout with toilet bowl cleaner and splashed bleach everywhere. Immediately, I knew I had made a big mistake. The fumes were terrible, but my daughter was pregnant at the time and I knew I had to get those fumes out, so I ran back in the bathroom to open the window and turn the shower on to try and rinse off the tub. 


The fumes overpowered me in a matter of 30 seconds. I tried to get down the hallway to tell my family and I literally collapsed to the floor. We called poison control and were told “this happens all the time!” They told us what to do and then I went to the hospital. The first few days were horrible. I could only take very shallow and painful breaths, my eyes constantly burned, and my chest was completely closed up. My skin was burned, and my lips were so cracked that they bled constantly. It took months before I was completely healed. I was told that I was “lucky” because those toxic fumes could very easily have killed me!


We threw out every single household cleaner. Then I searched for non-toxic, organic and safe cleaners. There are a few good ones I have tried over the past few years but nothing I have seen compares to Prof. Microbe. It’s great for so many different surfaces and when left for a few minutes, disinfects too!  I found it can even be diluted (I used a half and half formula) on mirrors and glass. It’s great on stainless steel sinks as well as porcelain. I even sprayed a little on a coffee stain on a white bed spread and it came out!   


Safety is my main priority now after my mishap with chemical based cleaners and this is the perfect alternative. I try and tell others my story as often as I can because I never dreamed that cleaning products could be so deadly, especially when combined. With new products like Prof Microbe now available, cleaning can be safe, healthy and worry-free. 


Kathy C.
San Diego

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