Corona Virus News From Boston Part-2

I want to update you on my position as a health care worker. Aside from essential restaurant and retail staff, serving people who may need to make urgent purchases, health care workers are some of the only people in the country going to work right now, and that is on a limited and as-needed basis. As clinical research assistants, we just received word from our director that as hospital workers we will be working remotely for a while. One person each week will have a shift, coming in to take care of urgent issues.

In the coming weeks, we may be redeployed to meet the medical community’s clinical needs and provide cross-coverage. This means that our positions may change. We may need to help in the understaffed areas of hospitals (if a lot of staff become sick). In my own case, because I am young and have some knowledge of health care, I may be redeployed to a different position within the hospital if there is a mass influx of COVID-infected patients. Along with my colleagues, I have been told that the COVID virus is more severe than the flu and that if any of us contract it, we will be unable to do anything but recover for a couple of weeks. It is a different story for the high-risk population of older adults and those with chronic health conditions. For them, this disease is life-threatening.

If you can help by volunteering, please look into some of the opportunities, such as community baby sitting or dog sitting, or getting clothes ready to donate. These are all things you can think about and prepare for at home. If you cannot help by contributing services, the best thing you can possibly do is to stay home. That will save lives!


Love to you all. Please keep your home and our community safe from this invasive and life-shattering virus. If I could, I would lock myself in a 4 x 4 room in a hazmat suit. In any event, remain calm and do fun relaxing things from home. Find ways to relieve stress and boredom, although some of this is probably inevitable. Everyone in the country is going through this right now. Life is not normal. This is an event that will make history. It is testing our resolve as citizens and showing us how much we really care about the people around us. If you cannot find it within yourself to stay home, you are ignoring the risk, which may be at the cost other’s lives. Stay home and save a life today, save your family from harm, and remember, we are all in this together. Love you. 


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